Tidbits #109: Wall Street Journal

May 15, 2020
Tidbits #109: Wall Street Journal

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May 2020

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In my 26 years in the life insurance business, I have not participated in “tactics” designed to accelerate the policy acquisition (a nice way of saying “sales”) process. I would be surprised to learn that anyone asked to speak with me about insurance planning, has felt even a little pressure to acquire (buy) a life, long term care, disability or annuity policy.

Bob Cohen

The streak ends today. Please read the attached from yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.

If you have clients for whom acquiring life, long term care, and/or disability insurance, is an important component of their plan and are delaying the decision to move forward, moving forward may soon not be their decision to make. Fence sitting will likely not be to your client’s benefit.

The guidance given to agents, by the carriers, is that of “temporary” disruption to the “status quo”, without clearly defining either.

This issue will impact some more than others, and still others, not at all. Who will be impacted the deepest and the longest, is a moving target and is changing almost daily.

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