Kathy Skoby

Kathy Skoby

  • Designation: Assistant to Ken Fink
  • Phone: 612.922.3113
  • Direct: 612.638.0148
  • Fax: 612.922.3372
  • E-Mail: kskoby@tamarfink.com

Kathy Skoby has been with Tamar Fink since March 2015 as Assistant to Kenneth Chaim Fink, President and CEO of Tamar Fink and Family Wealth Counselors, and brings over 16 years of project management experience to our organization.

After obtaining her B.S. in clothing Design at the University of Minnesota, Kathy was employed by various leading companies in the United States such as the Target Corporation, Marshall Fields and Sears, Roebuck and Company. Throughout her career, Kathy has enjoyed many diverse positions in various industries and working with colleagues from all over the world. Most recently, managing the US Office of the SKS Foundation located in India; serving those who live in poverty.

Kathy has found serving others to be the most rewarding and a true passion of hers. Her diverse background coupled with her positive personality and passion to help has made Kathy a great fit with the company.

Kathy’s favorite hobbies include playing the piano, singing, writing and listening to music, and believes in life-long learning and enjoying new experiences.

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